There is no margin for error when manufacturing parts for the Aerospace industry. We specialize in manufacturing aircraft parts that are complex – “life-critical” parts with the strictest requirements.

We’ve worked on Boeing 787, F-15, F-16, F-18, Gulfstream G-280, G-150 and more.

At Avco, we have the expertise and experience to produce a wide range of aerospace parts, including:

  • Door surrounding
  • Landing gear systems
  • Airframe Structure parts
  • Hydraulic manifolds
  • Oil pumps


Avco has an outstanding track record for fabricating parts and components for the business jets industry. We’ve manufactured primary parts, sub-assemblies and assemblies such as Pedestal assemblies, landing gear bearings, escape doors, spoilers sub-assemblies, and many more.

Avco’s body of work includes production for Gulfstream G-280, G-150 , G-200, and G – 100.

Parts and assemblies manufactured by Avco are supplied directly to the assembly line of our customers, with no need for further inspection (ship to stock).


Over the past 30 years of operation, Avco has established itself as a leader in the space industry.

Avco is fully equipped with the most innovative tools and equipment. Our machines ensure repeatable, high-quality and close tolerance work, to meet the critical needs of our customers in the space industry. Our body of work includes fabricating accurate parts for the Amos satellite’s solar panels.




Avco has vast experience working with industry leaders in the defense industry. Avco has developed innovative capabilities in accurate and complicated parts, working in air, water and salinity environments, while meeting Mil Spec standards. Our body of work in this industry includes Iron Dome, Arrow Missile, RF antennas, a variety of parts for air to air missiles, and much more.


Parts in the Medical industry are continually changing and require the utmost quality with the tightest tolerances around. Avco prides itself on its excellence in manufacturing medical parts. Our body of work in this industry includes manufacturing medical parts that can be found in surgical instruments and hospital equipment.

Our capabilities include:

  • Surgical Instruments
    • Tools
    • Handles/Holders
  • Hospital Equipment
    • Surgical Arms
    • Blood Purification Systems
    • Fixion nails for humeral fractures
    • Spine implants

We have worked with nearly every material imaginable, including: Aluminium, steels, exotics, and many different plastics, such as acrylic.


Avco has served the digital printing industry for over 20 years. We have supported the design and engineering process with several leaders the industry. Avco is a fully approved and audited ISO-9001, providing end-to-end production solutions for electromechanical sub-assemblies.

Avco offers its customers a complete solution, supporting them from the NPI phase including engineering support, right up to the launching of mass production.  Our capabilities range from NPI to large scale production. We utilize innovative capabilities in our precise machining departments to deliver complex parts which are designed and manufactured in our electro mechanical assembly line.

Avco’s customers in the digital printing industry include HP, Stratasys , Sanmina and Flextronics.