Avco’s precision CNC and conventional milling services business produces components for a variety of industries including aerospace, technology, digital printing, defense and medical. We offer 3D milling, 4-axis simultaneous milling, and 5-axis milling. With our complete tool room and Wire EDM capabilities we manufacture in-house custom tooling and fixtures.

Avco’s 3, 4, and 5-axis capabilities enable us to produce components that measure up to 1800 mm in length, widths that range from 2 mm to 1,000 mm and heights ranging from 2 mm to 800 mm. We work with materials including alloy steels, aluminium, carbon steel, nickel-chromium based super alloys,  nickel alloys, stainless steel, and titanium to meet the needs of our customers. For CNC and conventional milling we maintain tightest tolerances of ± 0.005 mm.

Avco’ 5-Axis Machining provide customers with proven accuracy, innovation and quality.

Avco production technology centres enable production and manufacturing of complex components, following proven processes to optimize productivity, quality and value. In many cases, we partner with our customers for the entire production cycle, working directly with their engineers during the prototype development stages all the way through full rate production. We focus on the seamless implementation of knowledge gained from prototype development and/or first article effort to provide consistent production, quality and throughput time, while maintaining market competitive costs.

Avco’s production technology centres support customers’ most demanding 5-Axis components, often from exotic materials for leaders in across many industries.



CNC and Turning Services

Avco’s CNC and turning services business provides the ability to turn parts as large as 420 mm in diameter and produce components for customers across several industries.

We have CAM programming, in-house custom tooling, and fixture is available through our EDM capable tool room. Avco works with a wide range of materials including titanium, aluminium, and nickel-chromium based super alloys, allowing us to effectively meet the needs of our clients.



Electromechanical Assemblies

Avco provides a high quality, high capacity, turnkey production capability to aerospace, defense, High tech and digital printing companies .We have the ability to provide a complete in‑house engineering and design service as needed.

Avco’s dedicated teams maintain rapid and highly controlled production lines for the world’s most demanding industries. We operate exclusively by industry best practices, such as Six Sigma, and comply with multiple industry quality standards including AS9100 and ISO 9001-2008.

Avco excels in its ability to quickly put non-standard electromechanical assembly requirements into production, with commitment to on-time delivery.

Our primary business in electromechanical assembly and system integration is in the assembly of complex electromechanical assemblies and aerospace assemblies. These integration services are supported by Avco’s complete state of the art production environment which includes a logistics facility, quality assurance department, engineering and design services and low-cost production facilities.