Moshe Miller

VP Quality & Assurance

Moshe Miller is the VP Quality Assurance at Avco Systems Integration Ltd. As Vice President of Corporate Quality Assurance, Moshe Miller is responsible for the quality-related activities of Avco. Mr. Miller oversees all quality assurance programs, aerospace quality and standards, product specifications, customer quality assurance support, and regulatory compliance for the Company. Prior to joining Avco, Moshe held a number of positions including Quality Leader and Moshe has more than 30 years of experience in quality assurance . He led improvement processes in leading traditional and high tech corporates .


These processes includes “Six Sigma”, Lean Manufacturing”, Kaizen, SW development, ISO registration, Audit and others. Moshed served 10 years as Quality manager at a turnkey manufacturer specialized in milling production and assemblies. He had established the company’s quality system and led the company to achieve quality goals. Moshe implemented “Six Sigma” methodology with production and assembly processes, including “lean manufacturing” 5S and PDM system. Also, he had implemented SPC method (statistical processes control). Moshe was responsible for quality system over 7 years in leading high-tech corporate ,responsible for complicated tools, R&D and manufacturing.


Moshe spent 26 in the Israeli air force years and earned Major rank. In the Israeli air force he performed various professional positions, mostly in quality area, such as: internal auditor and quality assurance officer in fighters squadrons. Moshe had published few articles in professional magazines on “SPC”, “Lean Manufacturing”, and “Risk management. Moshe holds certifications of CQM, CQE, and Master Six Sigma Black Belt.